Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Profile of a St Andrean: Elizabeth Woodcock

Elizabeth Woodcock is remembered for her distinctive persona and generosity of spirit. She was the eldest daughter of Beatrice Tullis and William Woodcock, a prominent St Andrews lawyer. In the Scottish tradition, she kept her own name after marriage. During her life-time she was a familiar figure in the town, often remembered riding her bicycle wearing her hat and green visor.

Mrs. Woodcock Bumby was a generous benefactor to the people of St Andrews. The clock on the south corner of the Town Hall was gifted to the town in memory of her father. In 1962, she donated money to erect a canopy over the new entrance to the Town Hall in Queen’s Gardens.

After her death in 1971, Mrs. Woodcock Bumby left over £100,000 in a Trust set up to support unmarried or widowed women, preferably of Scottish origin, who found themselves in ‘straitened or distressed circumstances’.

The Woodcock Bequest, today, manages Rose Park and its surrounding cottages as rented accommodation. The house, on the corner of City Road and Double Dykes Road was her own home. Other beneficiaries included Holy Trinity Church, the Salvation Army and The St Andrews Preservation Trust. Several other properties in the town are also managed by the Woodcock Bequest.


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