Monday, 12 August 2013

Cowan's Bonzo Toffee Tin

Each day, as I walk around the Museum turning the lights on for our 2pm opening, I encounter this little guy's face.

As a self-confessed crazy dog lady (yes, they exist!) I adore this little tin. If I was given this tin of toffees as a gift, I would appreciate the tin more than it's contents. Seeing as this tin makes me smile every day I thought it was only right to find out a bit about who made it. Thankfully, in my (google!) search I came across this fantastic website, which tells me all about the manufacturer and the 'Bonzo' brand. It seems that these tins came in different sizes, and were made in the 1920s by Cowan & McKay in Glasgow. Bonzo was a popular cartoon created by George Studdy from the early 1920s, and appeared in The Sketch. He was the face of many adverts from tobacco, confectionary and cars, and he also featured in short film, in games and on postcards. 'Bonzo' memorabilia is collectible - it looks like I may have a new collecting obsession!

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