Monday, 10 March 2014


We were delighted to once again be a host venue for this year's STANZA International Poetry Festival. There was plenty to enjoy with three exhibitions, including The Lightfoot Letters, The Doctor Shop, and Spinning Poetry. In the temporary gallery, the Lightfoot Letters provided plenty of gasps from visitors. A collaboration between textile artists Maria Walker and poet Angela Topping, the exhibition takes inspiration from Angela's poetry based on a bundle of letters found in an antiques shop. The story of how this exhibition came to be is rather remarkable, and can be found on Maria's blog here.

The Lightfoot Letters by Maria Walker and Angela Topping
In our own Chemist Shop, community artist Andrea Sinclair and poet Jenny Elliott tell the story of Baldwin’s the Herbalist in London. Jars of herbs, oral histories, poetry, art and photographs came together to replicate the atmosphere of this much-loved London shop which has been around since 1844.

Outside, visitors were invited to make their own poems with Martine Pugh's Spinning Poetry installation. Here is an example of two poems left by visitors:

Face the Light
Ever sailing to the mist
I watched
They waited
Until the rainbow lost sight
                               - Bea N

Skeleton ship upon the sleeping boat,
Full yet usual.
Men hope upon webbed net,
Dark, scary, scarlet.
                              - SB

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Museum during the festival.

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