Saturday, 31 May 2014

Festival of Museums 2014

On the 17th of May, the Museum opened its doors out of season to take part in the national Festival of Museums weekend. We organised a day of storytelling, crafts and music that related to the lives of the fisher-folk of St Andrews - a fitting tribute to the families that once lived in the house that is now the Museum. The aim was to highlight the distinct history of the local fisher-folk to both local people of and visitors to St Andrews, particularly as, to visitors, St Andrews is much more well-known as a golf and University Town.

In the Museum, visitors were treated to stories and sea-shanties by Sheila Kinninmonth and Ken Johnston. The audience were able to drop-in at any time to listen, and both Sheila and Ken definitely looked the part too!
Sheila Kinninmonth and Ken Johnston
Across the road at All Saints’ Church hall, Museum volunteers were on hand to assist with the various craft activities, including painting dolly-pegs and making origami paper boats. In the hall, a photographic display was set-up showing the fisher-folk of St Andrews from c1850s – 1920s. The photographic display was a huge success, and some visitors were able to identify some of the fisher-folk in the photographs.

Although our Festival of Museums experience was over after 5 hours, the legacy of the day lives on! For the day, we published 1000 guided tours of the ‘Ladyhead’ – the traditional area of the fisher-folk. These have proved very popular with visitors, and we hope to be able to print more in the future.

Who Lived Here? Self-guided tour leaflet 

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